Friday, October 17, 2014

A bag in the making...

Apologies for not updating this blog for so long.. geez.. that was one quick year! Thing is I am doing a full on college degree and I have another blog that is currently taking up my time. Although the other blog has been mainly focused on art and college stuff recently I do post the occasional Tarot post on there, and life is all of a oneness anyway soo....

Anyway, I am still making my custom made Tarot bags, and have one on the go at the moment so I thought I would share a couple of images of a work in progress. This bag is a commission for a Thoth deck.

I have a 2 month college break coming up, so will be putting my efforts into my Tarot bags again, so if you are wanting a special one off bag, now would be a good time to ask :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

To celebrate the joy...

I have been playing with The Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack. It is a deck that I was never attracted to when it was first released, but currently I am loving in. I managed to get a very cheap kit, and the book is great. Part of the reason why I decided to look at this deck again, was another book of Rachel’s called The Forest of Souls, which features this deck among others. I am reading the books by dipping in and having bites here and there – sometimes it’s the only way.
Anyway, I knitted a bag, in gorgeous thick wool in a kind of warm apricot pink… to celebrate the joy and colours of the shining tribe…

Friday, June 27, 2014

Silent Pride

Today is the day of silence in New Zealand, when students all around the country will tape their mouths shut. This is a way to draw attention to the many years spent in enforced silence by people of all ages who have suffered an identity crises because of struggles with their sexuality.
I am very proud of all my queer friends and all they have done to make change across the globe,  and indeed of everyone who stands up for human rights in any shape or form.
I am especially proud of my firstborn, Tabby, who has devoted all of her teenage and adult life to this cause. I chose a Tarot card for her, and I chose the High priestess, she is strong, and wise, she is eons older than her years and she lifts a veil between two worlds.I chose the High Priestess card from the Cosmic Tarot because she looks wise, she looks ahead yet carries the wisdom and landscapes of the past. She holds history and the future in her hands, and lights our way like the moon.

I have learned  more than I can ever say from my kids, and I know our whole tribe have learned so much from Tabby. If ever I did something in my life that I am totally happy with, it is raising my kids to be who they are, and to help others to fight for and realise that right.

You can see Tabby on breakfast TV here

 And while we are on a pride trip... this is Polly my second daughter of whom I am equally proud, and her gorgeous son Blue, doing their own bit:

Mary and the Tower

Today I finally completed one of the Tarot Bags ordered long ago by my friend Felix. It was for the Mary El Tarot. I don't have this deck, there are a few cards I love but the other...mmmmeeeeehhhh. I based the bag on one of the cards I really like which is The Tower.
Mary El Tarot - The Tower card:

And this is the bag I designed and made for dear Felix:

A detail of the stitching:


Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Badgers Forest Tarot

Long time no post, I have been so busy with college, family, making bags etc, I have had little time to blog here. I intend to change that over the next few days as life settles down a little!

Meanwhile I wanted to share this new project by Nakisha Vanderhoeven who created the wonderful TaRat, The Rabbit Tarot and the Blue Dog Rose tarot. The new deck looks gorgoeus, particularly for those of you who love nature. I think it will work well with my Wildwood and also my NZ Naturally Tarot. The Druid Animal oracle would also play well with this deck! Plans for it already.

Here is a photo of the stunning Moon card that Nakisha shared on her Facebook page

This new deck is going to be larger than Nakisha's previous decks and although I love their small size it will be nice to see her beautiful artwork in more detail!

Go and check out Nakisha's videos and her Kickstarter project!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Morgan Greer Tarot Pouch

I have been commissioned to create five Tarot Bags to match certain decks for one of my customers, whom I have created custom bags for before. One of the decks is the Morgan Greer.... I was a bit stuck at first, but then I started playing and I am so pleased with what I came up with! I am not usually one to blow my own trumpet about my art, but I really think this is *perfect*!!! My own Morgan Greer deck is now extremely unhappy about the shabby old bag it has been forced to live in....

I will shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves :O)

Pouch for Morgan Greer Tarot by

See how the lining matches the back of the cards? I am such a clever Tripp at times... And the stunning shot silk velvet matches the yellow and reds in the deck perfectly!

Pouch for Morgan Greer Tarot by

Friday, February 1, 2013

Brighid's Spread

As for many of you in the North it is Imbolc and the time of year we celebrate the Goddess Brighid, I wanted to design a spread in her honour, she is the Goddess I relate to most. In the South we are about to hit Lammas, but this spread is suitable for both hemispheres. I like to be able to celebrate together with my friends all over the world.
Brighid is also known as a Triple Goddess, which use the three phases of Maiden, Mother and Crone, she also represents fire and is the Goddess of Poetry, Smithing and Healing.

I designed this 3 card spread with all of the above in mind:


1.What new fire should you be tending this season

2.What is creating the poetry in your life now

3.What wisdom is most healing for you at this time

I hope you enjoy this spread. I have much more to say about Brighid and what she means to me but I want to get this spread up in time for you to use it on her feast day, so I will leave that for another post!

I love this image of Brighid by Lori Karels

Brighid by Lori Karels

This woodcarving shows the Goddess Brighid in her three aspects as poet, healer and blacksmith.

Wooden Brighid Carving

Brighid inspire the poet within me
Heal my pain
Invoke my passion and fire

Blessed be...


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